How to Activate Trendmicro Security

Trend Micro is security software that provides security with an extra layer of filter that detects any sort of threat to the system. Trend Micro comprehends that their security has a remarkable security antivirus shield that totally protects the system. When we install the antivirus to our system one of the main concerns for users is the storage space and performance. After installing antivirus it is often experienced that the computer starts to perform slowly. But with Trend Micro users will not have to worry about any such thing. The computer will perform at its usual speed and it will be installed with very low space in the user’s system. To understand how the antivirus will be configured with users’ computers, users can contact Customer Support for details.

Users may have heard the past year’s news on Trend Micro, the security software was awarded the best antivirus software due to its adjustable feature and services. Users can head to the official website for Trend Micro and check on the package offered by the company. Trend Micro offers antivirus software and security services. To inquiry about the price and features connect with the Support Service and collect all the necessary details.

Now we will be looking at the process for activating Trend Micro Security. There are several steps to follow, we will be providing users with all required steps.

Getting started with Trend Micro- Account Activation

  • The user will first have to head to the TrendMicro website and create an account.
  • If users require support for creating an account then connect with Technical Support.
  • Next, login into your Trend Micro account and head to the security section for purchasing the package.
  • After completing the process users will have their installation file sent to their email address with the activation key.
  • Now users will have to open their mail and download the installer.
  • Then run the installation file.
  • There are several processes that users will have to follow mentioned on the on-screen.
  • There comes a part where users will have to enter their email addresses.
  • Then in the next section also enter the password for the Trend Micro account.
  • After the process gets complete the installation process will be complete.

Trend Micro free version will be installed on the user’s device. Now comes the part wherethe user will have to activate their account. Let’s check on the steps how to do so.

  • Launch Trend Micro application.
  • After loading the application at the end of it, locate for “Already have a serial number”
  • Then in the empty fields enter the exact same serial number which has been sent tothe user’s email.

 Once the serial number is added the Trend Micro Security will be activated.While following the process if users encounter any sort of issues or problem regarding the steps then contact Trend Micro Technical Support for assistance.

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