How to find Trend Micro Serial Number or license number?

A serial number permits an organization to distinguish an item and get extra data about it for a substitution or to discover viable parts. Here and there, contracted as Serial No., SN or S/N, a serial number is a remarkable number utilized for recognizable proof and stock purposes. The Product License Number given toward the finish of each information sheet is more helpful than is, for the most part, perceived. It says something significant about the item and about the estimation of its information sheet since it demonstrates whether the item has been completely surveyed by the Licensing Authority and the Committee on Safety.

Serial numbers are a hindrance against burglary and fake items, as they can be recorded, and taken or in any case, sporadic products can be recognized. Therefore, it is important to know your serial number. There are several methods to find Trend Micro Serial Number or license number and to make it easy for our customers, we have divided each of the methods and described them. The customer can select and implement any solution from the list displayed down below:



  • Go to the System Tray on your main console.
  • Use the Trend Micro icon to check Subscription on your system tray.
  • The Subscription Information option must display the user’s serial number with its expiration date.


  • Open the Main Console on your system.
  • Start the Trend Micro by clicking the icon on your system.
  • Select the expiry date option on the bottom-right side of the main user console.
  • Now the Subscription Information tab will open while displaying the serial number.


  • Start the Trend Micro on your system.
  • Select the option to log in where a tab will be displayed.
  • Enter the email and password associated with the account and select the Sign-in option.
  • Finally, the licenses Information tab will open while displaying the serial number.


  • Visit the official website for find on any browser.
  • Provide the information asked on the screen, which may be your Order number and password or your email address with the four-digit of the credit card used while purchasing the product. After providing the details, select the Find button to start.
  • In the production section, the user will find the serial number.

As we can see, there are numerous methods provided to find Trend Micro Serial Number or license number. The customer can select any suitable method for them and find their Trend Micro Serial Number or license number. If the customer is still unable to find their Trend Micro Serial Number, please feel free to get in touch with our Trend Micro Customer Care for further assistance regarding any issues.

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