How to uninstall Trend Micro from Windows Os

Trend Micro is security software that works for keeping the device safe for users. Nowadays if we are not using security software while using the web, accessing our emails, storing data on the device then there are many chances of getting our system infected. We as a user will not be able to figure it out just by looking if the content is safe or not. Nowadays the virus has also been advanced which can find different ways to enter your device. With Trend Micro users will not have to worry about a thing, to talk about Trend Micro, it is one of the oldest cyber security companies which has been providing security for years. Trend Micro has users around the world using their software and is very satisfied by the service offered by it. The security software is awarded for best security software for many years, even in 2020 Trend Micro was awarded for best security. It has many security layers which are not often found in another antivirus. Due to its best infrastructure, every file will be scanned and checked if there is anything wrong with it. If users are interested in learning more about Trend Micro then kindly give us a call at our Customer Care Number.

As we have discussed the basic introduction for Trend Micro, we would like to provide some details on some of its features too. Trend Micro comes with a password manager service that can be operated for free. We all have loads of passwords to save on the device and it is very essential to keep and manage the password.To ensure the safety of users’ passwords users can save their password through Trend Micro password, which also allows users to save some important notes. In the free version of Password Manager, users will have limited space for saving passwords and notes. If users want to add more passwords then simply by purchasing the license, users will be able to add more passwords and notes. If users are interested in starting with a password manager, give us a call at Technical Support.

After looking at some of the basic introductions and features offered by Trend Micro we will be looking at some of the requests which have been sent by our users. Trend Micro is one of the simple and easy-to-use software, but there are times when users might not find what they are looking for. Not to worry as in those situations users can always rely on a Support Service where all necessary information will be provided to the user.

  • First, open Control Panel, then click on Add or Remove Hardware.
  • In the following window,the user will have to search for Trend Micro.
  • Right-click on it and click on Uninstall.

Wait for the process to get complete then Trend Micro will be removed from Windows. For more on Trend Micro connect with Trend Micro Customer Support.

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