Incorrect Email Address or Password (Trend Micro Account)

Trend Micro is one of the best companies providing different tiers of antivirus on multiple platforms with advanced AI integration. Some of the users of Trend Micro antivirus are facing issues with an incorrect email address or password. There is the various reason that might have brought the issue. Some of the possible reasons and their solution are mentioned as following.

Mis-typed Email address or password.

  • Try to retype the email address and password, and make sure that the email address and password match with each other, as well as ensure that no extra spaces are written.

Forgetting Email Address

  • Open your web browser.
  • Visit the official website of Trend Micro.
  • On the login page or account section, click on forgot which address you used before option.
  • You need your serial number, which was used during the registration process for the account, and the code will be shown.
  • Click on the check now button, which pops up a new window where your email address will be displayed.
  • By any chance, you have forgotten your password, then click on forgot password option.
  • Enter your Trend Micro email address with the code shown, and then click on the check now option. It will redirect you to the next window showing the email address to reset the password of your account.

Forgotten password

  • Go to the login page of Trend Micro antivirus.
  • Click on forgot password option.
  • Enter the email address you have been using with the code shown, and then hit on check now button that checks either your email is valid or not and to check for reset of your password to continue the further process.
  • Now enter your login credential on Trend Micro.
  • And click on change your password now where a new window will pop out showing a prompt asking for your new password.
  • Enter your new password as per your preference on the new password field and again retype your new password on confirmingthe new password field. (Your password must be strong and unique but also easy to remember.)

Unable to access the registered email address

  • If you have forgotten your password and do not have access to your old email account, then contact the customer support center.

Unregistered email address

  • First of all, open your Trend micro-console on your computer by double-clicking the Trend Micro icon.
  • Click on the program expiry date option.
  • Enter the necessary information or credentials and click on the Next button.
  • Check once again and click on next.
  • Click finish.

By following the above-mentioned steps, users will no longer face the issue regarding incorrect email addresses or passwords on Trend Micro. To know more, please contact the Trend Micro Customer Support Number.

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