Steps to Activate Trendmicro Security

Trend Micro is a very popular Antivirus that was termed as the best antivirus in the year 2020. The main functionality of Trend Micro is to provide utmost protection to the user’s system which will block away fromall available malware and viruses in the computer.In the new version of Trend Micro it has been mentioned there are additional security added to detect ransomware with another added feature for blocking away spam emails. The entire security software is designed in such a way where the user will have no such difficulty in running the antivirus. And the best part of the security is that the user will not require any sort of Technical Support for using the functionality. If there are new users who are not familiar with software then Support Service is always there for user service.

Trend Micro is designed in such a way where the security features will successfully detect any sort of new attacks to the system. Usually, in other security software, there are limitations in what security will be provided. Not only with that but Trend Micro also have other additional features with providing privacy shield to the users and anti-ransomware features.Check out all the features and lean Trend Micro in deep with the help of Trend Micro Technical Support.

Now is the time when we start using the service. Let us provide the users with step by step guide for activating Trend Micro security.

Activate Trend Micro security for Windows

  • The user must have downloaded the installation file for installing Trend Micro
  • Run the installer and follow the steps as suggested.
  • Wait for the installation to proceed further, and a section will come where the installer will ask for the user’s email address.
  • Enter Username and click on Next.
  • Another dialogue box will appear where the user will have to enter their Trend Micro accounts password. The process will lead to activating security.
  • Click on Agree and Install on the license agreement page.
  • Wait for the installation to get complete, it will take a couple of minutes.
  • Once complete Trend Micro will be launched.  

Trend Micro has been installed in your system, by default the version will be free and the user will have to enter the license key to activate the service. Follow the steps given below to activate Trend Micro.

  • Open Trend Micro’s main console.
  • In the button of the application look for, “Already have a serial number“and click on it.
  • In the empty field of, Enter Serial Number. Users will have to open their mail and copy-paste the new serial number. After entering the number click Next.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instruction provided to the user.

After completing the process Trend Micro will be activated onthe user’s system. If users are not able to activate their Trend Micro account, reach out to the Trend Micro Technical Service Number.

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