Trend Micro steps to reset Master Password

Trend Micro offers Antivirus + Security for your system, the software is very effective in stopping every type of malicious files from being downloaded into the system, detects all sort of phishing scheme which will not fool our valued users and with the malicious websites. With the cool spam filters, users can operate their email service without any problem and not only that but safe browsing is also enabled with Trend Micro Services. The service is just amazing, and once users get started with the service, there will be no stopping. User will never feel so much safe using their device if users who are newly using security software may have a hard time understanding all the security terms. Trend Micro offers Customer Support to help understand the software better.

It is not common in other security software, but Trend Micro comes with an inbuilt Password Manager feature that is free to use. Nowadays, online shopping has made things so much easier. Clicking just a few buttons will bring the product right to your doorsteps. The password manager, on the other hand, lets users sync their accounts password and personal data all across your devices such as Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. It will work the same on all devices, and users will not have a hard time accessing the site from a single device or entering password on each device. Users will be granted with storing five password and five secure notes. To add up the password and note, users can further pay and increase the limitation. Several users who have tried the service are very grateful for the feature. If users want to learn all the exciting thing which can be done from Password Manager can contact to the Support Service to gain more info. Now users are looking for a way to reset the master password. It is best to change the password in a regular period of time, and it does help to keep your device, account safe.

Steps to reset master password (For Windows and Mac)

  • First, users will have to open the Password Manager Sign in portal
  • Then login into the user’s Trends Micro Account.
  • Next, the password manager will be opened, where the user will click on the link below, which says, “Forget your Master Password.”
  • The next new dialogue box appears, Rest Password Manager. Click on the check box, which says, I understand that all Password Manager passwords will be deleted. Then click on Reset.
  • User will have to provide their Trend Micro account details.
  • Then finally user can create a new master password.
  • After typing, click on create.

Users do have to keep in mind that all of the stored password and personal notes will be removed after resetting the master password. If there is any question regarding the steps or Trend Micro, kindly contact the Trend Micro Customer Service Number.

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